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Reno Wine Bars: The Grill at Quail Corners

Reno, Nevada, is not just known for its stunning landscapes and bustling nightlife; it's also home to a burgeoning wine culture that's attracting enthusiasts from all over. At the heart of this thriving scene is The Grill at Quail Corners, a gem that offers an unparalleled wine experience. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting your journey into the world of wine, The Grill at Quail Corners has something special to offer.

Reno's Growing Wine Scene

Over the past few years, Reno's wine culture has grown significantly. The city's wine scene is evolving, with new wine bars and local vineyards emerging, adding to the rich tapestry of Reno's social and dining landscape. Wine has become an essential part of social gatherings and fine dining, making it a staple in the city's culinary offerings.

Reno's local vineyards and wine bars have been pivotal in this growth, offering a variety of wines that cater to diverse palates. These establishments not only provide a platform for wine enthusiasts to explore different varieties but also play a crucial role in promoting local wines. The Grill at Quail Corners stands out among these, contributing to the wine culture with its exceptional selection and unique events.


The Grill at Quail Corners’ Wine Selection

One of the key highlights of The Grill at Quail Corners is its impressive wine list. The restaurant boasts a diverse selection of wines, ranging from local favorites to rare international gems. Each wine on the list is carefully curated to ensure a perfect match for the restaurant's culinary creations.

The Grill takes pride in its emphasis on local and regional wines, supporting nearby vineyards and offering guests a taste of Reno's finest. Whether you're in the mood for a robust red or a crisp white, you'll find a wine that suits your taste. The knowledgeable staff at The Grill is always ready to help you select the perfect wine to complement your meal, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Wine Events and Tastings at The Grill

The Grill at Quail Corners goes beyond just offering a great wine list; it hosts wine tasting events and special wine dinners off and on throughout the year that elevate the wine culture experience. These events provide an excellent opportunity for guests to explore new wines, learn from experts, and enjoy a curated dining experience.

Wine tastings at The Grill are thoughtfully designed to introduce guests to a variety of wines, often featuring selections that are not readily available elsewhere. These events are a fantastic way to expand your wine knowledge and discover new favorites. Customers who have attended these tastings often rave about the experience, highlighting the excellent service and the opportunity to learn in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.

The Dining Experience at The Grill

What sets The Grill at Quail Corners apart is not just its wine selection but also its exquisite dining experience. The restaurant pairs its wines with a menu that features dishes designed to complement the flavors of the wines. Signature dishes like the fresh grilled Alaskan salmon to the perfectly cooked filet mignon as well as a customer favorite with the portabello mushroom raviolis are crafted to enhance the wine tasting experience, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

The ambiance at The Grill is another aspect that makes it a must-visit. With a cozy yet elegant setting, it provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening. The service is top-notch, with a staff that is attentive and knowledgeable, ensuring that every visit is memorable.


Reno's wine culture is vibrant and growing, with The Grill at Quail Corners playing a significant role in its development. From its extensive wine list to its special events and outstanding dining experience, The Grill offers something for every wine lover.

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Make your next dining experience one to remember by exploring Reno's wine culture at The Grill at Quail Corners.

In the bustling culinary scene of Reno, NV, The Grill at Quail Corners stands out not only for its exquisite dishes but also for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and supporting local communities. As you step into The Grill, you're not just indulging in a fine dining experience; you're embarking on a journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors and ingredients sourced from nearby farms and producers.

Local Sourcing Practices

At the heart of The Grill's culinary philosophy lies a deep-rooted commitment to sourcing ingredients locally. From the crisp greens to the succulent meats, the restaurant prioritizes partnering with local farms and producers whenever possible. By sourcing ingredients close to home, The Grill ensures freshness, supports the local economy, and reduces its carbon footprint, all while delivering unparalleled flavor to its patrons.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at The Grill; it's a way of life. The restaurant implements various sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing food waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impact. Through practices like composting, recycling, and energy-efficient operations, The Grill strives to leave behind a positive ecological footprint without compromising on the quality of its offerings.

Partnerships with Local Producers

Building strong relationships with local farmers, ranchers, and artisanal food producers is a cornerstone of The Grill's ethos. These partnerships not only ensure a steady supply of high-quality ingredients but also foster a sense of community and mutual support. By championing small-scale food businesses, The Grill contributes to the vitality and resilience of the local food ecosystem.

Seasonal Menu Offerings

One of the joys of dining at The Grill is experiencing the ever-changing seasonal menu offerings. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to showcase the best of what each season has to offer, with ingredients sourced at their peak freshness and flavor. Whether it's the vibrant colors of summer produce or the hearty flavors of winter root vegetables, every bite tells a story of local bounty and culinary craftsmanship.

Did you know about our private room within the Grill where companies and people can host events? Vino Reno is in a great location adjacent to the Grill at Quail Corners in Reno.

With our Vino Reno room, you can customize the space to accommodate parties up to 50 people. We have plenty of customizable food and drink options, in addition to our open bar. The privacy you and your guests will have is just another added perk. Our fantastic team will assist you with every step of the event planning process. We’ve also helped to host unique occasions like baby showers, bridal parties, and business mixers.

We have a sophisticated and simple menu that everyone will love. Vino Reno is open from Monday through Saturday from 5 to 9 pm, and must be reserved in advance for your party to use.

Choose The Grill For Stunning Dishes, Drinks, and More

If you are looking for fine dining in Reno NV, then the Grill is a great choice thanks to our menu. We have everything from salads, sandwiches, steak, and pasta featuring our unique twist on these dishes. Not feeling a full meal? Totally fine! Check out our fantastic appetizers and drink options as an alternative.

Get Rewarded for Fine Dining in Reno, NV

The Grill has recently launched our Royalty Rewards program so you can earn points every time you dine with us. It adds up to reward certificates good for use in any future meals.

The program is simple: for every 200 points accumulated, you earn a $15 loyalty certificate to redeem during your next meal. Typically, most visits here will earn 1 point for every dollar spent, while special promotions that we offer may potentially be worth more. The best part is the program has no limit to points earned, is free to join, and can be used right away.

Download the Royalty Rewards Member app in the App Store or Google Play Store to access your reward points and virtual card today. You’ll even receive free gifts on your birthday or other special occasions!


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Get Quality Service From The Grill and Vino Reno

With privacy, a full bar, and the best lunch and dinner options in Reno, Vino Reno is perfect for any future event you have planned. Our decor is top notch and provides year-round warmth and comfort throughout the entire establishment. The staff is friendly, reliable, and professional, so you’re guaranteed to have fantastic service. All in all, you can’t go wrong with the atmosphere, food, and beverages at Vino Reno!

Reserve Your Reno Fine Dining Experience Today

This October 16th, The Grill at Quail Corners/Vino Reno is set to host the Reno Speakeasy - an event being held to raise funds for Renown Children’s Hospital. Take a trip back in time with us for a 1920s experience that will make you feel like you’re in the center of the Prohibition era. From delicious food and drink classics to traditional 1920s fashion, the Reno Speakeasy is guaranteed to be a fun and enjoyable experience for our guests. 

A Speakeasy is traditionally an illegal bar that sells alcoholic drinks. Back in the Prohibition era, the alcohol ban meant any person caught drinking or selling alcoholic beverages would face legal penalties. To keep such establishments a secret, guests were told to “speak easy” about the bars in fear that authorities would find out. 

Today a speakeasy uses the influences and characteristics of 1920s speakeasies to make guests feel like they’re taking a step back in time. We encourage guests to dress in 1920s attire to help the theme come to life. For an evening of roaring fun benefiting Renown Children’s Hospital, get your tickets today! Look below for ticket information.

Reno Speakeasy Details 

How to Purchase Your Ticket 

Each ticket costs $60. To purchase tickets, please do one of the following:

reno speakeasy

Get Your Ticket to the Reno Speakeasy Held by The Grill and Help Renown Children’s Hospital!

If you’re interested in raising some money for your local children’s hospital and want to enjoy a unique night out with your community, get your tickets to the Reno Speakeasy today! 

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In preparation for our 20th Anniversary, we spoke to one of our loyal customers, Sean Gamble, and she was kind enough to tell us 20 reasons why she loves The Grill! Sean's been dining at the best restaurant in Reno for years and knows Sam and Diane very well. Check out why Sean loves the Grill!

  1. Watching people attempt to open the front door on the right to exit the restaurant. In 20 years, that door has never been unlocked, yet 80 percent of the patrons will try.
  2. The various attempts Sam and Diane have made to direct people on the right path to the restrooms.
  3. Knowing you’ll see at least four people you know.
  4. Knowing you’ll see at least four people you want to avoid, but you go anyway.
  5. Being greeted with a big beautiful smile, unless Sam is the hostess.
  6. Watching to see who snags the biggest cookie when the plate is delivered with the check. Also, waiting to see who devours the last remaining cookie on the plate.
  7. Being greeted with big grins from everyone in the open kitchen upon arrival.
  8. Francovich Egg Nog season. The season hasn’t arrived without it.
  9. Shelly. Simply Shelly. We think she started there before they opened.
  10. The high top, center court, “see and be seen” tables, when you don’t want to hide your crazy.
  11. The Patio for the Spring, Summer and unseasonably warm fall and winter days. The sunshine adds vitamin D to go with your meal/wine, whichever comes first.
  12. Private parties in Vino Reno. Sometimes you want to hide your crazy.
  13. The visits from the sparkly red-nosed Santa with his candy canes in December. We think he spends a little time in Vino Reno prepping for the Grill visits.
  14. Sitting a table away from any one of our elected officials, including the Governor, Mayor, council, commission, Congress and legislature. They have to eat too.
  15. The wine menu, everything on the wine menu.
  16. Guessing how many pounds of candy is in the 5-foot tall candy dish, and wondering what year the pieces at the bottom went in.
  17. The Chef’s ability to modify dishes for the hard to please kids, and some of those other people. You know who you are.
  18. The Francovich Manhattan on the daily special menu. Every day. Day after day, after day, except on Sundays. Yeah, the Grill is closed on Sundays, but you can take a bottle to go on Saturday to complete your week.
  19. The absolute willpower it takes to pass the fresh bread baker’s table without grabbing your own piping hot baguette and sinking your teeth into the still steaming dough.
  20. The love and hugs from Sam and Diane.

Swing by the Grill at Quail Corners on Saturday, November 16th between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. to celebrate 20 years of culinary bliss with Sam and Diane.

Get Fresh Halibut at The Grill

If it were any fresher, it would still be in Alaska

Seafood Restaurants Reno

If you love seafood, there are few things more delicious than fresh fish. Real seafood lovers travel to Alaska, Maine, Florida, or the California coast for a fresh caught meal. For those in Reno who love halibut, a light-bodied white fish which takes on the flavor of its accompaniments, Alaska is the place to get it. In fact, people who really love halibut have been known to travel down to Homer, Alaska and buy their fish directly from the boat drop off point at the Homer Spit.

Fortunately, you don’t need to travel to Alaska to get fresh-caught halibut in Reno. You can get it right here in Reno! The Grill is considered the best restaurant in Reno because we bring in fresh-caught whole halibut from Alaska throughout the season, which runs from May until November. When we get it in, it weighs anywhere between 30 and 60 pounds! Our expert chefs portion it out and offer it pan seared, grilled, or sautéed. We offer a Chef’s special every day, where our expert chefs choose their favorite preparation and serve it to you. Even without the special, that 30 to 60-pound fish doesn’t last long and our amazing halibut goes fast.

This is because halibut fans aren’t limited to people who love seafood. Those who swear they don’t like fish find themselves ordering halibut when they see it on the menu. Unlike salmon, which has a very distinct flavor, halibut is light, flaky, and takes on the flavor of sauces and the other accompaniments on the plate. Try it with lemon, capers, and butter for a light lunch, or get our Pan Seared Halibut for dinner. This filet of halibut, featured on our Reno fine dining menu, is served with salt and pepper over poblano peppers, roasted garlic, and basic risotto. It’s topped with pesto artichoke hearts and garnished with an Aruglio tomato salad.

Halibut is filling, healthy, and absolutely delicious. So you can be health-conscious and feel like you are being a bit decadent too. Fresh halibut is a seasonal, available March through November. That means, if you want halibut so fresh you would swear you are in Alaska, you need to dine with the best restaurant in Reno to get this best-selling dish. Your taste buds will thank you for dining at The Grill. You can thank us for the unforgettable Reno fine dining experience you will have at our restaurant!

Moms on the Run  The Grill at Quail Corners will donate 98% of all proceeds from the September 6 event to Moms on the Run, ensuring that the money will stay in northern Nevada to help local families.

About Moms on the Run

Sponsored by Pinocchio’s Bar and Grill, Moms on the Run is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those enduring treatment for breast and gynecological cancers. The non-profit has been in northern Nevada for more than 10 years and is often recognized for its efforts in early May and the Mother’s Day Moms on the Run 5K/10K run.

The Moms on the Run Mother’s Day event celebrated 14 years this year and remains the primary source of funding for its philanthropic efforts.

How You Can Help

Now that the annual 5K/10K race is in the books the best way to help Moms on the Run is to come join us for a night of dinner, drinks and dancing! For $60 per person you will receive dinner from The Grill at Quail Corners that will include steak, chicken, pasta, salads, fruit, dessert and two cocktails of your choice.

We will also provide live musical entertainment Reno’s own The Coney Dogs and visitors from East Bay, California Frank John Colli and the Ben Kolber Project.

Space is limited so remember to reserve your seat by calling 775-827-6262.

Come Support Moms on the Run

If you’re looking to have a night out with friends while supporting a great cause then come join us at The Grill at Quail Corners on September 6 beginning at 5:30 p.m. We have enjoyed every moment of these fundraising efforts over the years and we hope you will come find out more about a great cause in our local area!

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