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What’s Cookin’?

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat with friends, or a romantic night out with your significant other, The Grill is the restaurant to choose. Between the refreshing cocktails, fresh ingredients and relaxing ambiance, there’s no wonder it’s the best restaurant in Reno, especially if you are looking for fine dining in Reno.

Family Matters

Before The Grill’s opening back in 1999, the Francovich family traced back generations to their great-grandfather, Eli. Back in 1870, Eli opened the very first restaurant and bar in the Reno area, The Wine House. Not only was it the first restaurant and bar, but it was also known for its multi-story casino, one of the first to receive their gambling and liquor licenses.

In the year 1999, Sam Francovich decided to carry on his great-grandfather’s legacy and open up The Grill at Quail Corners. The Grill strives to provide their customers with the best quality food and service.

Treat Yourself!

At The Grill, the meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients. That being said, changes are often made to the menu in order to deliver the best, fresh ingredients to their customers. On top of the delicious meal choices, they offer a wide variety of wine and other alcoholic beverages!

One beverage that The Grill is known for is their homemade Holiday Nog. What started out as a holiday gift to give to their friends and family became a popular beverage enjoyed by many during the holiday season.

Get Rich...In Rewards!

The Grill offers their very own Rewards Program! Most people hesitate when they hear the words “Rewards Program” because it’s usually associated with some type of credit card. No need to fret because The Grill’s Rewards Program is completely free, it’s simply a card that you can use whenever you purchase items from our restaurant and in return you get points! All you have to do is enter some basic information such as name, number, e-mail, and address and voila! To learn more about the program, you can head over to and enroll today.

Visit the Best Restaurant in Reno for Happy Hour

If you are in Reno looking for the best restaurant in town, head to The Grill. We have an extensive bar selection and our bar food is top notch. We have $4-$8 appetizers, $3 domestic beers & well drinks, $4 craft beers, and $5 glasses of wine. Enjoy the drinks, bar food, and a great Reno fine dining atmosphere at the Grill today.

Check Out the Happy Hour Menu

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The Grill's Royalty Rewards Program

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Have a great day and make sure to stop in to the best restaurant in Reno.

best restaurants reno
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