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What makes a good wine pairing? For beginners, learning how to pair wine with food can be an interesting process for your taste buds. A wonderful food and wine pairing creates a balance with the overall components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine. Typically, red wines are bitter, white, sparkling, and rosés are all acidic, and sweet wines live up to their name.

Wine and Food Pairings

As for the taste of food, consider its intensity and if it’s overall super light or rich. Another concept to consider is the power of each component in the dish, like its sweetness, fat content, acidity, or spice. For an additional challenge, you can make a meal based on the wine instead of the other way around!

Over time, it’s been proven in the food industry that some types of wines match better with the sauce instead of the meat. For example, rosé pairs well with cheese and other cheesy dishes thanks to its acidity like white wine and fruity notes like red wine. Making a spicy dish? Be sure to have sweeter wines on hand instead of dry ones to balance out the acidity, like Syrah.

Here are some other favorite wine and food pairings that the team at our Reno wine bars typically recommend:

Don’t panic if you’re struggling to find the perfect wine to serve with your carefully cooked dishes. Wine pairing is not always easy at first, but as long as you pay attention to boldness and sweetness, you’ll be successful. Once you feel comfortable and an expert in what pairs well, we strongly encourage you to break the rules and switch up the flavor palette!

Enjoy a Great Wine Selection at Vino Reno

If you are looking for a Reno wine bar that is classy, has great food and a great atmosphere, you should check out The Grill or Vino Reno today! We have an extensive food and beverage menu at these locations and are happy to provide the wine and food pairings you’ve always dreamed about.

Make a Reservation

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, are you ready for date night? If you’re looking for the best restaurant in Reno to spend date night at, make a reservation at The Grill. From perfectly crafted cocktails and quality food made with care to the romantic and serene atmosphere of our dining area, we guarantee you’ll have a great night out with your date when you stop in our Reno restaurant and wine bar. 

Learn more about The Grill below and see why it’s the perfect place for any date!

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The Best Date Night Restaurant in Reno Does Exist 

With so many restaurants in Reno to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that offers everything you’re interested in. Are you looking for a casual, quick spot to stop on your way to the movies? Or maybe you and your partner are looking for a nice, sophisticated restaurant to enjoy a meal together. Whatever the occasion and whatever your plans are, The Grill is the perfect place to start. 

The Grill’s Cocktails and Wine Bar

A classic date night in Reno has to include drinks. Whether you’re searching for the best happy hour spot or want to grab a quick drink and a snack before heading on to your next event, The Grill offers delicious cocktails and has an extensive wine menu to peruse. Our Happy Hour Menu includes a variety of snacks such as Artichoke Dip, Spicy Chicken Wings, and our Chef's Street Tacos. Our Happy Hour drinks and cocktails range from $4 domestic beers to $6 hand-crafted cocktails that will make your mouth water. 

And if you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant to enjoy an elegant meal and some drinks to pair, take a look at our full wine menu for even greater options. We’re available to help you pair the perfect wine with your meal so you and your date end up leaving satisfied and happy. 

The Grill’s Amazing Food  

From appetizers and salads to complete entrees, we put our heart and soul into every dish we prepare. We take just as much pride in creating our small plates and snacks as we do with our main entrees because you deserve good food regardless of what you want to eat. Some of our most popular seafood dishes include our Grilled Colosal Prawns cooked in a delicious white wine and butter sauce and our Petrale Sole served with a bed of Linguini and seasonal vegetables. We also have a delicious Filet Mignon on the menu complete with Bearnaise. 

To learn more about the food at The Grill, take a look at our Lunch and Dinner menus.

The Grill’s Romantic Atmosphere

Whether it is the first date or one of many, The Grill is the best restaurant in Reno for a date night. With our friendly and professional staff, we will make you feel comfortable and happy for choosing to dine with us. Our dining area is spaced out enough so that you can have a private conversation and still feel included in the dining experience. If you and your date want to have some fresh air and enjoy the night, we also have an outside seating area where you can enjoy all those things.

Join The Grill For Your Valentine’s Date Night

If you still need somewhere to make your Valentine’s Day reservation, call The Grill at Quail Corners to book your table. We have an extensive food and beverage menu and are happy to provide you with the Reno fine dining experience you’ve always dreamed of. 

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There is more to Reno than casinos and neon lights that make the streets come alive. Behind the glitzy and glamorous facade of The Biggest Little City in the World, are pubs where locals and tourists alike can drink themselves silly. Over the years, bar crawls have gained popularity among casual drinkers and self-proclaimed alcohol addicts. Through this much-anticipated event, everyone can enjoy liquor and drown in merriment as they hop from one bar to another.

Progression of Reno Restaurant and Bar Scene

The already lively nights in Reno are just going to get wilder, following the significant and steady increase of bar crawls in the area, according to an article from This Is Reno. The development is due in part to the organizers' aim to bring more tourists to the city. Pub crawls will allow more people to gain a deeper appreciation of the city's culture; food and wine-tasting in a Reno restaurant and wine bar like The Grill at Quail Corners and its Vino Reno Wine & Fondue House is a crucial first step toward this goal. The Grill is the best restaurant in Reno! (more…)

best restaurants reno
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