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Exploring the Reno Restaurant and Bar Scene through Pub Crawls

September 11, 2013
Sam Francovich

There is more to Reno than casinos and neon lights that make the streets come alive. Behind the glitzy and glamorous facade of The Biggest Little City in the World, are pubs where locals and tourists alike can drink themselves silly. Over the years, bar crawls have gained popularity among casual drinkers and self-proclaimed alcohol addicts. Through this much-anticipated event, everyone can enjoy liquor and drown in merriment as they hop from one bar to another.

Progression of Reno Restaurant and Bar Scene

The already lively nights in Reno are just going to get wilder, following the significant and steady increase of bar crawls in the area, according to an article from This Is Reno. The development is due in part to the organizers' aim to bring more tourists to the city. Pub crawls will allow more people to gain a deeper appreciation of the city's culture; food and wine-tasting in a Reno restaurant and wine bar like The Grill at Quail Corners and its Vino Reno Wine & Fondue House is a crucial first step toward this goal. The Grill is the best restaurant in Reno!

Bar crawls growing up, adding more eventsDifferent Dining Options

To encourage more people to join bar crawls, organizers are thinking of several promos. However, with all the sumptuous food and drinks Reno offers, it would have anyone signing up for pub crawls. Dining places in Reno cater to the tastes of every individual, whether vegetarian or true-blue carnivores. A number of popular Reno bars have superb food, perfect for a fun night out; they allow customers to customize their area for an event with a choice of food and drink.

Before or after a pub crawl, "crawlers" can order a dish or two for extra energy for the night ahead. Healthy eaters can opt for salads like Classic Caesar and Crab made from crisp vegetables and fresh seafood. While also providing those who are foreign to the concept of dieting can indulge in pizza, pasta, steak, and ribs. Foodies need not to worry; the fun runs organizers plan to incorporate in pub crawls will be a big help in burning all those calories.

The Crawl's Efforts

Ed Adkins, one of the prominent bar crawl organizers in Reno, hopes that their efforts will inspire tourists from other states and countries to stay longer in the city. They just might, after they chug and chow down beer and treats from Reno's finest bars and restaurants. If the way to a man's heart is indeed through his stomach, then Reno would not have any problems getting outsiders to fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.

First-time visitors of Reno should not limit themselves to the entertainment strips in the city. When opportunity strikes, they may want to pull out from the pack and make side trips to dining establishments in Reno that showcase a sophisticated menu for fine and casual dining. A pub crawl is a good way to start. Especially for those who have an impeccable taste that restaurants and bars in Reno can satisfy.

The Grill & Vino Wine Bar

The Grill at Quail Corners is the best restaurant in Reno, offering quality food, service, and a fine dining experience you will never forget in Reno. When you're ready for a drink or two, Vino is a Reno wine bar that is right next door!

best restaurants reno
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