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If you’re looking for the best lunch spot in Reno, stop by The Grill! Our quality fresh ingredients, relaxing atmosphere, and Royalty Rewards program are just what you need to get through your day. And our amazing staff is dedicated to providing you with the best service Reno has to offer because we want you to have the best dining experience possible. See for yourself why we’re the number one choice for lunch in Reno.

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

Lunch is an important meal that’s supposed to help get you through your day, so why not treat yourself to some quality food at a nice restaurant? We always use the freshest ingredients possible in all of our dishes. From the months of May to November, we offer fresh caught halibut that is delivered straight to our door from Alaska. We also regularly change up our menu to keep things new. Typically, our menu changes are based around the available foods that are in season at the time, which adds to the freshness of our menu and our ingredients. We strive to provide our guests with quality ingredients that will make you fall in love with our food. 

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Relaxing Atmosphere

When you’re having a rough day at the office and you want to get away to a nice lunch, The Grill is the place for you. The ambience of our restaurant is calm and relaxing, and our outdoor patio offers a breath of fresh air for guests that just need a break. And our dining area is spaced out enough for you to enjoy a private conversation without having to talk over the noise of a loud restaurant. A quiet and tranquil atmosphere is the perfect place to take a break from your day, especially when they offer amazing fresh food that will make your stomach happy.

Royalty Rewards Program 

The Grill offers a Royalty Rewards program that will make dining out for lunch, practically pay for itself. It’s free to sign up, and once you’re a member, referrals will earn you and your friend an extra 50 points! How it works is, for every dollar you spend, you’ll get one point towards your rewards. After you’ve accumulated a certain amount of points, you’ll receive a coupon for $15 off your next meal. All you have to do is remember to bring your card in. 

As an added bonus, you’ll receive gifts on your birthday, and Member Exclusive Specials.

Connect With Us!

The Grill has the best lunch in Reno for anyone who needs a break from their day, or for those who want a nice, relaxing place to eat with great food. We pride ourselves on our fresh ingredients and quality service because we want you to have the best dining experience possible. Check our our lunch menu today!

Although The Grill at Quail Corners opened in 1999, the family’s love for restaurants and Nevada goes way back to the 19th century. The modern American and international fine dining grill in Reno that many have come to know and love took inspiration from the owner’s ancestors, who have extensive experience in the bar and restaurant scene. The locally-owned and family-operated business was created by 5th generation Nevadans who strive to keep their family traditions alive. Learn more about the best steakhouse in Reno and connect with The Grill today!

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How It Began

The Francovich family’s restaurant and bar roots started with Eli Francovich who migrated to the U.S. from Petrovac, Yugoslavia in 1850. Nine years later in 1859, Eli moved to Reno, Nevada, and opened The Wine House, one of Reno’s very first restaurants and bars. Located in the heart of downtown Reno, The Wine House rose to success in bringing family and friends together to bond over delicious food and spirits. 

After operating continuously for 87 years, the fourth generation American Francovich’s decided to close the doors of the Wine House to pursue other life goals. Eli, his son Spiro, and Spiro’s children kept the family’s traditions and the Wine House alive until 1957. And 42 years later in 1999, Sam Francovich, 5th generation Nevadan, decided to return his family back to its restaurant and bar roots by opening The Grill.

Continuing the Francovich Family Traditions

Sam Francovich opened The Grill at Quail Corners in 1999 as a way to bring back family tradition and follow his own passions of running a local restaurant and bar. Though this job isn’t easy, nothing brings joy to the Francovich family like seeing happy customers enjoying the food and drinks specially prepared by their team. 

The Grill has brought the family back to its roots and prides itself on serving wonderful food by people who care. We provide you with a fine dining experience along with the best lunch and dinner options in Reno that will make you want to come back!

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Sophisticated Menu, Extensive Drink Options

At The Grill, all meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients. That being said, changes are often made to the menu in order to deliver the best, fresh ingredients to our guests. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat with friends or a romantic night out with your significant other, The Grill is the restaurant to choose from Between the refreshing cocktails, fresh ingredients, and relaxing ambiance, there’s no wonder it’s one of Reno’s favorite restaurants and bars. 

Our restaurant can be a hot spot for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. We have an array of alcoholic beverages which include our family made Francovich Manhattan and the Francovich Holiday Nog. In addition to our family made drinks, we also have unique twists on iconic drinks such as the Old Fashion, Espresso Martini, and more. 

Visit the Best Steakhouse in Reno - The Grill

Enjoying a nice meal with a few close friends or family is a great way to spend your time, especially with little else to do thanks to the pandemic. If you’re looking for the best steakhouse in Reno, come check out The Grill! 

Both the outdoor patio and indoor dining areas comply with the recommended social distancing guidelines and protocols. Connect with The Grill today to set up a reservation and be a part of the amazing dining experience! 

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Join us at The Grill's patio to experience the best outdoor dining in Reno, NV! Temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. Now’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, and what better way to do that than with your favorite meal? The Grill is happy to announce that our outdoor dining in Reno is open, and we’d love to share our delicious food and serene patio with all of the city. With everything going on in the world at the moment, maintaining some normalcy can help us feel more at ease amidst all the chaos. One thing that people have been missing the most is the opportunity to have a meal and drink with some friends or family. Fortunately, the outdoor seating at The Grill can give you the chance to do just that, all while maintaining proper social distance. We turn outdoor dining into an elegant, fine dining experience. Call 775.827.6262 or click the link above to book a reservation today!

Outdoor Dining at the Best Restaurant in Reno

If you’ve ever been to The Grill, then you already know how amazingly delicious everything is that comes from their kitchen. From yummy burgers and pizzas to elegant plates of chicken and fish, The Grill has something for everyone to enjoy. Why not enjoy that mouthwatering meal among the trees and sunshine? Not only does outdoor dining allow you to enjoy a nice meal and some nature all at once, but it might also be the safest way to visit a restaurant at this time. Our outdoor setup provides you, and whoever you’re dining with, a safe amount of distance between you and other guests. You’ll have a bit more privacy this way and you may even feel more comfortable re-introducing yourself back into the community.

Come enjoy The Grill’s delicious dishes while embracing the warmth of the summer sun and the beautiful elements of nature with their outside patio. Each table comes with its own umbrella, perfect for creating shade if it’s just a little too bright out. And for all you dog lovers out there, their patio is pet friendly! The wide tables are perfect for moderate-sized groups or for a couple enjoying a night out.

Fine Reno Outdoor Dining at The Grill

The Grill at Quail Corners turns casual dining into an elevated food experience. With our extensive lunch and dinner menus, there are plenty of options for whatever mood you’re in. If you’re over the age of 21, then check out our specialty cocktails and wine! We’d love for you to join us this summer for some yummy food and tasty drinks!

Lunch Wine Menu
Dinner Wine Menu

During Nevada’s Stay at Home order, you may find it difficult to support your favorite local businesses. However, a great way to show your support is through ordering takeout and curbside. The Grill Reno is open and available for curbside pickup! While we employ the safe practice of social distancing, we want to make sure our delicious food is still available to our loyal local customers.

Now is a more important time than ever to support local businesses. If you haven’t in the past, this is the perfect time to start! The Grill is locally owned by 5th generation Nevadans and has been serving the Reno community for 20 years. By supporting local businesses like us, you’re also supporting local families!

Check out our lunch curbside offers here and our dinner selection here. While the menu is reduced we’re still offering starters, entrees, and pizzas for dinner, with the addition of sandwiches for lunch.


The selection of starters is the same for both lunch and dinner. While we did cut down on a few we still have our legendary antipasto. It includes our chef’s choice of cured meats and cheeses marinated in olive oil blend with pepperoncinis, crackers, honey, and mustard on the side.


We’re still offering a plethora of our salads including the Louie-Louie. It’s loaded with prawns, shrimp, crab, tomato, asparagus, a hard-boiled egg, crisp romaine, and avocado. Available for lunch and dinner!

Lunch Sandwiches

As of now, we’re only offering sandwiches during lunchtime, but we included some of our favorites. No need to fear we’re still making both our Angus and beyond meat ½ pound burgers served with fries, salad, or a cup of fruit or soup.

Dinner Entrees

Our dinner entree menu is still chalked full of delicious dishes including our fall off the bone short ribs with mashed potatoes and braised spinach. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous try out our panko-crusted calamari steak spiced with brown butter and lemon, served with rice and our seasonal vegetables.

Support local business


The Grill, Reno

While this current pandemic has left everyone in the unknown there’s plenty you can do to help our community. One of the easiest ways is to come grab some curbside pickup from one of the best Reno restaurants, The Grill!

After a long day at work you deserve to treat yourself to something special - like a specialty cocktail from one of Reno’s best happy hour spots. The Grill at Quail Corners has created a list of signature cocktails and specialty drinks that are both tasty and unique. And as a locally-owned and family-operated business, The Grill supports other locally-owned businesses by using some of the finest native-made spirits in their drinks. We also offer a wide variety of specialty wines and other delicious cocktails. Take a look below to learn more about Reno happy hour at The Grill.

Francovich Manhattan

The Francovich Manhattan is made exclusively by the Francovich family - owners of The Grill. The Francovich family started their legacy as being one of the first restaurants and bars in Reno, Nevada. The original restaurant, called The Wine House, easily became one of Reno’s best places to eat and grab a drink. Years later, the family’s 5th generation decided to open The Grill and use some of their families widely successful beverages and food items in their own menu. Thus, the Francovich Manhattan was later created.

This specialty cocktail is made in stainless steel micro batches right here in Reno, Nevada. It’s similar to a typical Manhattan that’s made with whiskey and can be served straight up or on the rocks. 

Pineapple Express

This specialty cocktail is made with Nevada’s very own Seven Troughs Moonshine made locally   in the city of Sparks. Their moonshine adds a smooth and malty finish to the cocktail that elevates the other flavors that make up this drink. The Pineapple Express from The Grill is a  uniquely mixed drink containing delicious flavors of pineapple combined with a robust ginger beer and some aromatic bitters. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing and tropical drink to enjoy during your Reno happy hour, then this may be just what you need!

Tahoe Mule

The Tahoe Mule is another specialty cocktail The Grill created that uses a locally made spirit. This drink contains Tahoe Blue Vodka which was inspired by the beautiful Lake Tahoe and is locally made in Lake Tahoe, California. The Tahoe Mule is made with delicious Tahoe Blue Vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The Grill’s take on the classic mule has elevated the traditional flavors of the drink to give you a truly specialized beverage.

Specialty Martinis   

The Grill also makes specialty martinis with some unique and original flavors. Take for instance their White Chocolate Espresso Martini which is made with Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur and freshly made espresso. Then, it’s served in a martini glass decorated with delicious chocolate which might make you wonder whether you’re drinking a cocktail or eating dessert! 

Another unique martini that The Grill has created is the Margatini. If you enjoy margaritas just as much as you love martinis, then this one’s for you. This Reno happy hour drink is made with Patron Silver tequila, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Lefty O’Doul’s Sweet And Sour, and fresh squeezed lime juice. It’s then served straight up with a half salted rim. 

Reno Happy Hour at The Grill 

If you’re looking for a new happy hour spot in Reno, then come on down to The Grill! We have various happy hour cocktails and our happy hour prices can’t be beat. Our happy hours are from 4 - 6 PM Monday through SATURDAY. Connect with us today to reserve a table and check out our Happy Hour Menu!

Check Out the Reno Happy Hour Menu

Beer has always been the liquor of choice for many Americans. However, a number of factors have caused beer to lose much of its allure and popularity recently, and its making way for craft beer and good old fashioned wine, which is slowly becoming more popular in bars and restaurants. Vino is a Reno wine bar that is apart of the best restaurant in Reno, The Grill,

Given today’s vast spectrum of alcoholic beverages and bargain pricing, the class barriers that once segregated wine and beer drinkers need no longer exist. The Pliny men, if alive today, could procure good wine for a pittance or collect at dear prices specialty craft beers.

Plutarch undoubtedly would approve of the staggering growth rate of wine consumption in the US. According to an NPR report, “What America Spends on Booze,” wine sales rose from a measly 16.2 percent of total alcohol sales in the early 1980s to 39.7 percent in 2012—just eight percent away from the leading beverage of choice, beer. Wine has also replaced liquor as the second most popular alcohol consumed at home. Wine has indeed become “common to all,” though it may be that craft breweries are dominating the conversation.


The beauty about stews is that you can put in just about anything, simmer them for a while, and, voila, instant cultural icon. Take the cioppino for instance; no matter how mouthful it may be to pronounce it, this seafood stew is a mouthful of taste. There are various versions of the cioppino and the recipe for it is usually long, but the process of cooking is straightforward as it can be. It's the ideal dish for the cold winter season coming to Reno in a few months. As Nami of Just One Cookbook shares:

A article explores the history of pizza:

Founded around 600 B.C. as a Greek settlement, Naples in the 1700s and early 1800s was a thriving waterfront city. Technically an independent kingdom, it was notorious for its throngs of working poor, or lazzaroni. “The closer you got to the bay, the more dense their population, and much of their living was done outdoors, sometimes in homes that were little more than a room,” said Carol Helstosky, author of “Pizza: A Global History” and associate professor of history at the University of Denver.

A serial dine-and-dasher who frequented restaurants in Reno, NV was arrested by the local police after he was exposed on Facebook. The man, identified as Saul Zelaznog, had cheated several bars and restaurants in the area. reported that, after dining at the local craft beer bar called The Brewer's Cabinet, Zelaznog skipped out on his bill of about $100. Workers at the establishment filed a police report and posted his photo on Facebook to warn other restaurants in the area. The post reads in part, "ATTN RENO: If you know, or see, this dude, please call RENO POLICE DEPT at 334-2121 immediately, and then remind him that his tab at The Brewer's Cabinet is still waiting to be paid."

Shortly after it was posted, other local restaurants stepped forward to claim that they, too, had been victimized by Zelaznog. The online outcry led to his identification and enabled authorities to track him for violating an unspecified probation. He was eventually booked into the Washoe County Detention Center.

serial dine-and-dasher Zelaznog explained that the incident at The Brewer's Cabinet was a misunderstanding. He said that he had simply forgotten to pay but had already asked his family to wire him money. Asked why he would go out to eat even when he is unable to pay, he said it was a "mistake." His reason, however, was not given enough weight by authorities because he had repeated the act several times and even admitted to dining without money at another restaurant where he left a "nice watch" as collateral.

The arrest of the serial dine-and-dasher was greatly facilitated by the Internet. A decade ago, it would have been difficult to expose him. He could have eaten in various Reno dining establishments and ditched bills without being tracked because there weren't social media tools that could quickly warn countless others about his con game. Unfortunately for him, times have changed. Restaurants now make the most out of websites and Facebook pages to keep their customers updated on their latest menus, events, and promotions. Some, like The Grill at Quail's Corner, even use these to provide driving directions and virtual tours.

After Zelaznog's arrest, The Brewer's Cabinet posted another status update on their Facebook page. They thanked their network of friends and patrons for supporting their cause and reminded the dine-and-dasher (and others like him) to be more responsible. The last part of their message reads, "We hope that all of his outstanding debts are paid in time. But more importantly, that he makes wiser decisions in the future."

After its debut at the Smorgasburg food fair in Brooklyn Bridge Park last August 3, 2013, the Shoyu Ramen Burger is expected to become a national food craze. It may even become a best-seller in many restaurants in Reno, NV.

The burger uses fried ramen noodles as buns. These are stuffed with USDA prime beef patty, which is in turn topped with shoyu sauce, arugula, and scallions. “I cook the noodles and form the bun, and then when we put the burger together, we lightly pan fry it,” Keizo Shimamoto, its creator, told FOX News. The technique for keeping the buns together, however, is a secret that he is not keen on sharing. (more…)

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